Seasonal Organizing Solutions!

Special Edition 2006
Issue #05
Written By: Erin Nield, Professional Organizer
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(c) copyright 2006

The S.O.S. delivers Seasonal Organizing Solutions from the world of Home Organize It!. Filled with timely tips, it's designed to be your seasonal "Organizing Supplement."

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Table Of Contents

*Seasonal Ponderings

*Get Organized To Work At Home

*Seasonal Musings

Seasonal Ponderings

Reflecting on 2005, from a Professional Organizer's standpoint, the Number One request I had for organizing was in the Home Office! (What do you think No. 2 was?)

In fact according to a recent Harris Poll, 72% of American households are thinking about starting a home-based business.

This is very exciting for me and you will understand why in a moment...but working from home also presents some organizing challenges.

If you are one of these households who are starting a home-based business and are looking to organize your home office, please be sure to visit Organize Your Home Office.

Seasonal Organizing

Get Organized To Work At Home

Are you a Mom who would like to work from home?

Maybe you are already a WAHM (Work At Home Mom)

Or perhaps you have a sister, friend or neighbor who is considering this option...

Well one of the most beneficial steps anyone can make when working from home is to GET ORGANIZED!

And...I have very exciting news!

Some of you already know that for the past 6 months, I've been working on co-writing an e-book just for WAHMs. What you may not know is that we had originally included a section on getting organized but in the end, this little section proved to be a such a vital part of what moms around the world wanted to know that we pulled it into it's own separate mini e-book!

So, without further ado...


WAHM-IT! The Masters Course (sound pretty powerful, doesn't it?)

A Work-at Home Mother's Guide To Successfully
Building A Real Business On The Net

The WAHM Course includes:

  • The Wahm Guide
  • Get Organized To Work At Home
  • Wahm Case Studies

bundled in a *free* downloadable package!

You can find it here:

WAHM-IT! The Masters Course

All 3 parts are interesting, enlightening and really fun to read. Just download, print them out, pop in a binder and find a compfy spot for reading.

Seasonal Musings

If you haven't considered the possibility of working from home, I hope you take time to read all 3 e-books. You just might be surprised at what you discover!

Never before in history has there been a greater possiblity for moms (and dads!) to work from home, thanks to the internet.

And remember, I would love to hear back from you, particularily on the organizing e-booklet.

I hope you check it out!

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All The Best,


P.S. I've just teamed up with fellow e-booker, Jen on my second Web site,

Niche Build It! We had such a huge experience writing WAHM-IT! that we decided to work together on Niche Build It! to provide others with the knowledge needed to get started working from home. Come and visit, the site's changed dramatically! Niche Build It!

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